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Continuous Monitoring & Improvement

Proceed further with the journey through

continuous improvement and innovation  


Post Implementation Review

This would provide the organization’s management a reasonable assurance around the efficiency and effectiveness of the implemented solution. Typical areas covered would be process integrity, infrastructure integrity, applications control review and implementation integrity


Continuous Innovation 

The transformation journey continue to evolve. Hence, the need to be embed agility and innovation in the post implementation mechanism. Organizations must report on benefits realized through the transformation and strive to innovate to cope with changing business dynamics 


Post Implementation Support

Typically, after launch of technologies, usage of the system will increase, and the need for new requirements and enhancements will also increase. We help organizations during this phase to assess the changes and requirements and align them with the project objectives and direction. Further we assist in embedding these changes into the overall program and technology


End user on-job Training  

One of the challenging topics in any transformation is the people adaptability of the new implemented technologies. The traditional training approaches are no as effective for the long run. Hence, we work with organizations to re-enforce the capability building post technology implementation

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